STEELINXpro spol. s r.o.Na stráni 314, 790 01 Jeseník, tel.: 00420 584 402 212,, e-mail:
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Steel design & detailing - STEELINXpro spol s r.o.

We provide technical aid and service to variety of customers in these fields:

  • preparation of workshop documentation of steel structures  - steel detailing
  • design of steel constructions

for industrial and storage constructions, penthouses, functional constructions and above all for technological constructions.

We cooperate with investors, civil engineering companies, manufacturing companies and with large design organisations, all of which use our service from design to production documentation and bases for manufacturing and assembly of steel structures.

"When small makes big things"



17-years on the market !

New referencies added for 2016 year !
Years 2013 , 2014 and 2015 are updated.

OFFICE MOVED FROM 1.5.2015 !!!
K. Čapka 1147/10 ( IPOS building ),
5th floor  No.572,
790 01 Jeseník

We currently use Tekla Structures release 19.1 for making steel structure models.

Awarded model in 2010 local competition ....


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